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by Platform Recommended Release (14.0 FP1)


Hide details for Server AdministrationServer Administration
DLUI7P74K9Send button is greyed in remote console with 8.5 Mac Client. Send button is now enabled on Mac when issueing commands via...
DCN7E6D2DRemote Server Console does not display correctly or scroll on Mac OS X. Remote Server Console command when invoked from Notes now scrolls and...
Hide details for ServiceabilityServiceability
YLJA7L54N5Enhancement: If Notes crashes on the Mac platform, a dialog box indicating that the crash stack will be generated by Crash Reporter now appears to...
Hide details for  8.5 FP1 8.5 FP1
Hide details for AttachmentsAttachments
SHEZ857J43Fixed errors ("Word has lost data due to a bad network connection or missing floppy. Documents relying on this data are going to be saved and then...
Hide details for  8.0.1 8.0.1
Hide details for Calendaring & SchedulingCalendaring & Scheduling
YLJA74M5TYWith this fix, the city priorities in the time zone list are able to be localized to the user locale.
WCDL73E3SLWith this fix, the display name has been added for all entries and some additional cities.
WCDL73VCH6Fixed a location time zone saving issue, which is caused by incorrect standardized name matching.
WCDL73E4UBFixed errors for some display names, e.g. St Johns to St. John's.
MSTR77MR6XFixed a problem where the action button was displayed incorrectly in the mini view. This issue occurred when the user opened java view mail and...
WCDL74E9G6Fixed a problem where the date and time field control disappeared during scrolling.
WCDL76Z9GLFixed a problem where changing the month or year on a date picker in the calendar view would not work.
YZHG76QA3FFixed a problem where the "Find Available Times" option would not refresh correctly. The issue occured when a user created a...
SBOR732P6VFixed a scheduling UI crash caused by an uninitialized bitmap handle.
WCDL74EB5JFixed a problem where the name on the drop list of "All Calendar Entries" was pasted while the list was expanded each time.
BLEE78YM29Fixed a problem when rescheduling a repeat invitation where the receiver accepted the previous invitation and let Notes autoprocess. Notes will not...
JLLU73NEZDFixed a Notes client crash when sending a meeting invitation with a Mail R8 template.
MLUZ6ZPNHRCross-platform meeting invitation no longer displays erroneous timezone msg: "This entry was created in a different timezone".
WCDL74DAJ3Time zone list is no longer disordered.
WCDL76TD9LNotes is no longer closed automatically after selecting the option of people in the calendar entry.
WCDL74DCAZTime zone "Eastern Time(US & Canada)" now has the "Observe DST" option in location.
SVRO6VYVPZPrior to this fix, Notes Macintosh Client tracked internal timezone info, it now uses the Operating System settings instead.
Hide details for ClientClient
XPFG74BDK4Added the Mail Recovery ID button to the Security Basics tab.
LBLU6WD5DQFixed a Notes client crash.


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